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I might commit suicide

2013-08-30 01:20:30 by GameChild214

I'm starting to feel as though my life is meaningless.

Dropped out of high school (social and family reasons, not lazy by any means), working fast food, trying to get my GED (the test seems easy, signing up for it is a fucking pain!). People my age are getting into universities, while I have no choice but to sit on my ass doing nothing. Even if I get my GED this month I will still have to wait till next year to start college.

The nation's economy is going down the drain, and so is my life. What the hell is the point?

Might as well an hero. If I don't visit New grounds within a week, you'll know why.


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2013-08-30 01:20:48

My life sucks


2013-08-30 01:30:12

nigguh the game dont own you
you OWN it

GameChild214 responds:

Nice motivator.


2013-08-30 01:31:37

hey the economy's down the drain for me too, just keep on going and things will get better sometime son


2013-08-30 01:32:08

Expect the dollar to have no actual value after we go to war with Syria, and Iran, which won't be any later than September. If you're going to kill yourself, do it right now.

(Updated ) GameChild214 responds:

I'll probably just head to the mountainside of Alaska. Live nomad. I should start saving up for a plane ticket.


2013-09-01 09:29:04

Dude' who am I to say what you are going through everyone is hitting hard times...but don't take your life for it. yes'maybe u dropped out of highschool maybe you've hit a hard time I feel the same way as you do,i fell meaningless but that's why I try and try and try harder to achieve, no matter what I go through or who brings me down...


2013-09-01 15:18:34

Don't commite suicide. PLEASE! Think of all the things that you could be doing. So what if people your age are going to university, you can learn how to animate like a pro, draw like a pro, game develope like a pro all on your own, with out some one nagging you to do so. I am only a stupid british kid with ginger hair, terrible teeth and a crappy body, so I guess I can't quite understand what you're going through. But I have had those moments before my self in the past, but, every single time I had those thoughts, I would try to remember all the people who loved me, all the hobbies that I have, and how to have fun. If there is anything I can do from the other side of the world, just lemme know. :D

GameChild214 responds:

Thanks mate.


2013-09-02 03:38:26

Seriously, don't do it. Think of the effect it'll have on your friends, family and your community, including the NG community.
Everyone (well, a lot of teens), even me, have been through that stage of thinking, "why am I here?" but I honestly believe (as cheesy as this sounds) that everyone has a purpose on Earth and everyone is good at something. You just have to figure it out, even though it may take some time.
I mean, there will always be people who will be better than you, but there will always be people worse off than you. You could have AIDS or cancer, but you don't. So count yourself lucky.
Just because your life isn't that good now, doesn't mean that it'll suck later. Life will get better.


2013-09-02 18:26:44

If you were going to do it you have done it by now. Maybe you're depressed but you're not suicidal. You want sympathy because you're in a shitty situation. Example: posting "My life sucks" on your OWN newspost. Yikes.

Talk to your parents and see if they can get you a therapist or at least a doctor who can prescribe you medication. I did both of these things and now I'm fine.

GameChild214 responds:

Dude that blog post is like 3 days old


2013-09-05 02:23:29

so basically your just impatient and depressed.. go for a jog

GameChild214 responds:

No, I just get on reddit now.