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Doomsday Prepping

2013-09-02 23:59:51 by GameChild214

Okay guys, I'm starting to doomsday prep. For all those who wish to do the same, check out this website! . It has all the basic essentials.

Ragnarok is upon us, and we must prepare!

I'm also shopping on Amazon and

I'm currently ordering a composite bow, I'll upload a picture when it comes in a few days.

Doomsday Prepping


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2013-09-04 11:27:50

Are u fucking nuts? I live right in the heart of birth of Norse mythology and I don't fucking believe this shit.

GameChild214 responds:

How did you find this post?


2013-09-04 11:30:07

What? You posted it.

GameChild214 responds: