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Can't wait till I live alone

2013-09-09 22:33:45 by GameChild214

I can't wait until I live alone!

I will be able to do, buy, and watch anything I want!

There is so many Rated R movies on Netflix, while I am 18 and can legally watch them, my mom will still get mad at me for watching them. If not, she will still find it suspicious.

I will buy all the movies I want.

I'll be able to browse and post on 4chan all I want.

I will be able to watch and masturbate to any movie I want too.

I will finally be able to call anyone on Skype at anytime, and join random Google hangouts.

I can't wait!!! I must be patient though, I probably have another 2 years before I get my own place.


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2013-09-25 15:14:25

i noticed none of those things were "having sex"

maybe you should grow up a little before you live alone

(Updated ) GameChild214 responds:

Haha I should be having that too


2013-09-28 21:57:01

Please do your part to make the BBS better and stop posting

GameChild214 responds:

People get bored.


2013-10-01 08:49:37

You'll also have to pay rent and bills.

GameChild214 responds:

Yeah, I honestly don't mind living in a poor house/neighborhood. The problem is poor neighborhoods have more crime.


2013-10-10 01:12:09

Tell ur mom that you're a goddamn grown man and it's none of her business what you watch

GameChild214 responds:

She'll kick me out in a heartbeat.


2013-10-10 11:29:22

First you should get a job and start saving. Then you should look at a hour or apartment within your price range. After that you should take into account how much bills and food prices will dig into your paycheck after paying rent.

So much fun!

GameChild214 responds:



2013-10-16 20:03:37

Be glad you dont live in California. Mmmm $1000 for rent in an apartment.

GameChild214 responds:

dang that is a lot


2013-10-16 20:29:58

You dont know the half of it sistah.


2013-10-28 00:54:59

What pornstar doesn't allow there child to look at their masterpeices?

GameChild214 responds:

Dont know


2013-11-01 05:59:17

so you can (not) bring girls to fuck

GameChild214 responds:

I might get lucky