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Entry #11

Video Games are the Opium of the People in the 21st century

2014-02-10 23:58:54 by GameChild214

There are many opiums people have today. The opiums of the people used to be Alcohol and Religion. Now we have Video Games, Amusement Parks, Fashion, Sports, Television, Radio, and practically anything to keep the masses entertained (Ironically, the internet is used as an opium for the people instead of developing critical thinking/politics a lot more). I myself am opiumed by video games like GTA San Andreas for example. It's so hard to awaken people when they have all these opiums around them distracting them. So comrades, what would happen to most entertainment when Capitalism and the state is destroyed? Will they still exist, if so, who would be in charge of programming video games and making entertainment? What would entertainment be like in a society without capitalism and the state. For me, as an Anarchist, they would still exist and they would be managed by people who are willing to make entertainment such as video games and amusement parks.  


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